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COVID-19 Notice

Please direct inquiries regarding medical PPE or hygiene products directly to our contact form.

We are able to provide a wide selection of masks (FFP2, KN95, etc.), protective clothing, disinfectants and other products to aid medical professionals in their daily duties.

Our 3 Pillars

PPE, Disinfectants and Digital Solutions

Cruso Hygiene is built on three pillars: Personal Protection Equipment, Disinfectants and Digital Solutions. Our goal is to do our part in providing medical healthcare professionals with a safe environment and the necessary equipment to get the job done properly - without risking their own health and wellbeing.

Quality At Our Core

Having our roots in Switzerland, quality and timeliness is at the core of everything we do. Each of our production facilities gets audited regularly by precise quality inspectors who put the needs of our customers first. In addition to these consistent audits, each of our shipments gets inspected and tested before it leaves the production facility - to guarantee the product's properties.

We believe that our products should reflect the respect our customers expect and deserve.

Our Strengths

Our core strengths